Unique Comfort And Astonishing Views Are Our Primary Goal For Our Villas So To Make Your Corfu Vacations A Unique Experience

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We construct our corfu villas in ideal locations after careful planning , taking into consideration : The privacy, accessibility, comfort and a clear panoramic view

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We try to give you the best deal, offering a variety of utilities and services included in your booking price in order to provide you with all you need for a relaxing vacation.

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We care about our customers so feel free to contact us before or during your Corfu Vacations for any info you may require or service and we will do our best to comply

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The Corfu Island

Corfu refers to both the island and to its main town. Villages of whitewashed houses confetti the sunny isle, two to 15 miles off the Albanian coast. Kerkyra, as it is called in Greek, is rich in Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses and vibrant nightlife, just some of the reasons it remains the most popular Ionian island. The cosmopolitan town has a population of 37,000, and a wealth of Greek, French and British influences in its maze of narrow, cobbled streets and sophisticated New Town.

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